The LeadHer © Program

The LeadHer program equips women in the workplace with the tools to both discover and promote confidence and leadership – not only in themselves, but in the women around them. Striving to humanize the way we coach and develop talent, this program takes a deeper look at what motivates and successfully prepares women to lead. Through the process of identifying their own strengths, women will be positioned and empowered to apply these to their desired goals.

Additionally, the LeadHer program provides women with a model that allows them to grow while helping other women do the same, creating a culture of supported and empowered female leaders.

Throughout this program women are lead through group discussions, interactive and thought-provoking activities as well as facilitated peer-to-peer interactions.



Outcomes of this program include:

  • An understanding of the skills required to succeed as current and aspiring leaders 
  • An awareness of personal perspectives and its impact on achieving goals 
  • A humanized approach to supporting the growth and development of women in the workplace 
  • A clear understanding of transparent leadership
  • A framework for ongoing and sustainable peer-to-peer growth and support

For more information on The LeadHer© Program please contact Kimberly below.