The Problem With Women In Leadership

So what’s the problem today with women in leadership?

Simple: there aren’t enough.

Many organizations are continuing to make a shift in their Diversity & Inclusion efforts to increase the number of female leaders we see taking on board and executive level positions, but the numbers are still disappointingly low.

To address this, we must first look at the way we compare women to men when it comes to leadership. How we expect that women “need” to get to where they are going the same way men do. That women will tackle a problem the same way, or approach an issue the same. There is an expectation that if what a woman does to accomplish something doesn’t look the same way a man would do it, well then maybe they aren’t the right fit.

The focus must now shift from comparing women to men, to appreciating the way in which women are instinctually able to connect, learn and lead. Stop allowing these comparisons to bring a woman’s confidence down - causing them to question their inner voice and emotional intelligence. Put an end to the “leader in a box” system, where every person is expected to act, look and think the same to be considered suitable and successful in a role. 

It’s not only time to appreciate women for the natural born leaders that they are. It is also time to create a culture where we can help women realize their born abilities and strengths - and foster an environment where women support each other to sustain it. A culture where personal connectivity, emotion and passion are what helps define leadership. 


Kim Albano is Leadership & Development Coach and the creator of The LeadHer© Program - created to equip women in the workplace with the tools to both discover and promote confidence and leadership - not only in themselves, but in the women around them. 


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