My name is Kimberly (or just Kim!). 

I am a Leadership & Development Consultant for women looking to elevate their personal and professional growth. I am also the Founder of The Empower Up Project.

My clients are individual women who are looking to achieve their personal and professional goals through self development, confidence and growth. I also work with teams and organizations who are looking to take their focus on women and their development, culture and goals to the next level, and achieve success for happier, more motivated and empowered employees.

My top priority is working closely with every client, to ensure that what I deliver for them will not only result in successful women development, but will create a culture of motivation and collaboration for sustaining long term results. 

I am very passionate about personal and professional development, and the impact it can have on achieving our goals. I also believe in the power of humanizing our work environments to create happier, more motivated employees, teams and leaders for greater success. I am a huge advocate of breaking down the barriers that exist in the workplace, through storytelling and collaboration to create healthier more empowering work environments. 

With more than ten years of experience as a learning and development leader, facilitator and speaker, I work closely with teams and organizations of all sizes, to become a part of their efforts in making their desired goals a reality. 




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