Kimberly Albano is a Leadership & Development consultant for women looking to elevate their personal and professional growth through the art of storytelling and confidence.

With a focus on programs and solutions that help women strengthen their desired skills and confidence, Kimberly works with individuals, teams and organizations to help them realize their goals around preparing women for success. 

Through dedicated one-on-one consulting, Kimberly works with each client to individually evaluate and design the most effective solution for achieving sustainable results. With a passionate focus on women in leadership and fostering a collaborative culture of support and empowerment, Kimberly delivers signature programs that help any company move the needle on women and success. 

As a seasoned learning professional with over a decade of speaking and facilitating experience, Kimberly has worked with thousands of professionals on identifying their story for personal growth, peer-to-peer best practice sharing and targeted audience connection. She is known for her keen ability to carry an audience through high-impact programs and coaching sessions, that are engaging, impactful and custom made to fit the unique needs of any individual, business or team. 


The LeadHer© Program

The LeadHer program equips women in the workplace with the tools to both discover and promote confidence and leadership – not only in themselves, but in the women around them.

This program provides women with a model that allows them to grow individually and collaboratively - creating a culture of supported and empowered female leaders.



Through dedicated 1:1 and small group coaching, Kimberly works effectively with women to achieve the following:

  • Tell their story for connection & impact 
  • Define their vision and plan to create a life they want
  • Gain clarity on where their passions and goals can take them 
  • Move past confidence barriers and self limiting beliefs to achieve success 
  • Sharpen their personal & professional skills to reach their goals
  • Achieve the business or career that they want 

"Kimberly’s genuine passion for developing women as leaders shines through with every engagement she facilitates. Her coaching techniques resonate with women of all walks of life, empowering them to leverage their individual experiences and skills to build confidence for growth and success." Shari H

"Kimberly was a an amazing coach that took the fear and overwhelm out of starting a business from the ground up – she showed us how to create effective communication plans, held us accountable to our dreams and is a whiz at helping you see where you are going." Andrea K. 

"Kimberly is also a wealth of knowledge and ideas. She is wonderful at translating ideas into action." Stephanie L


Team & Corporate Offerings

The Art of Storytelling 

Executive Presence & Speaking 

Best Practice Building 

Building Effective Teams

Women In Leadership

Facilitation/Off site design

Kimberly is a driven leadership and development consultant with the ability to coach and drive development strategies across a large organization with many layers. Her ability to strategically consult with our executive leadership and uncover the true needs of our audience was critical to the success of our efforts."  Lynn M.


Kimberly's ability to capture the audience was incredible as most of my employees were reluctant to hear how they should do their job. She was charged with the task of changing the way managers today look at leading and mentoring - not something easily done." Thomas T